Avrasya Building Control Services

AVRASYA Yapı Denetim A.Ş. is a private construction & building controlling company established in Turkey. It is founded in 2000 and currently operating under the license provided by The Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Development. Turkish regulation for building controlling services, covers every phase of a construction project, including design, execution and delivery, in all cities and for all kinds of buildings.

AVRASYA helps people to live and work safer, by assisting everyone to comply with the rules and regulations, as well as scientific and technical aspects, from the project inspection phase to the delivery of the construction. Our team of experts including civil, electrical, mechanical engineers and architects are ready to help you with your projects in Turkey.

Website : www.avrasya.as
Contact Email : contact@avrasya.as
Address : Adalet Mahallesi 1600/3 sok. no:14 Ozkardes Is Merkezi Bayrakli, IZMIR, TURKEY
Office Tel : +90 232 4350586
Office Fax : +90 232 4350556