General Office of Building Control

The General Office of Building Control, created in January 1995, is the executive office of the General Inspector of Building Control which is the state, central administration body, competent within the scope of:

  • architectural building administration,
  • building control

The General Inspector carries out tasks defined by the act, the Building law of 1994 and in particular; – performs functions of a body of higher order, as understood in the code of Administrative Procedure, in relation to: – voivods, within the scope of architectural building administration, – provincial inspectors of building control, within the scope of building control, Controls activities of the bodies mentioned above and keeps registers of: – licensed persons, – building experts – persons punished on the account of occupational liability.


The General Inspector of Building Control
General Office of Building Control
Krucza Str. 38/42
Warsaw 63

Phone: 0048 22 661 80 09
Fax: 0048 22 661 80 10