Forum for Building Control – NKF byggesak is a part of Norwegian Association of Multiple Engineers.

Norsk Kommunalteknisk Forening – Forum for Byggesak

Norwegian Association of Municipal Engineers – Forum for Building Control

Forum for Building Control is the leading association in its field in Norway.

Plan- og bygningsloven

The Norwegian planning and building act aims to have high quality in the entire building process.

The implementation of the changing rules and regulations has been a real challenge to competence in the public and private sector.

Predictability is dependant on good quality control in the building councils code of practice and that the same rules should apply nationwide. This requires an organisation which can take care of common interests and have influence where the decisions are made.

Through the network cooperation, the forum aims to be a good support and to offer the product required.

The aim of the forum is to develop and maintain information which gives satisfied customers and good service.

The forum has been one of the initiators to the establishment of a technological building college. The forum will continue to participate active in this project.

Even if it is only a short time since major changes in the building regulations came into effect, the reform will continue constantly. In this connection it is important to participate in the fields where development and new ideas are happening, i.e. among the users. The forum has this opportunity through the “Network News”, the Forums’ web-site, our publication “Kommunalteknikk” (Municipal Engineering), through conferences, seminars, participation in network groups and personal contacts.

The Forums aims and objectives are:

- To be the leading organisation in its field
- To be the professional body for its members
- To develop cooperation between private and public sectors
- To collect and distribute experience and new knowledge
- To have an important say in learning and upgrading of competence
- To offer service which the members require
- To establish and maintain national and international contact in the private and public sector


Borggata 1

Phone: +47) 22048140


Direktoratet for byggkvalitet

Norwegian Building Authority

The Authority is the main government agency for implementing building policy. This shall be achieved through:

- administering and revising national building regulations
-providing advisory service to local building authorities
-market surveillance of construction products
-approval of companies performing design, execution and control and the provision of guidance and information related to these tasks
-facilitating digitalisation and being a national centre for enhancing competence in the construction industry


Postboks 8742 Youngstorget

Phone: +47 22 47 56 00
Fax: +47 22 47 56 11