BouwQ is a company, which is affiliated with the dutch TIS-branche. This means that we measure up to the requirements, as asked by this branch.

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TIS means Technical Inspection Services.

A TIS is an institute with technical experts, independent of all other professional groups who are familiar with construction or design. A TIS only checks, a TIS doesn’t construct or design. A TIS analyses risks, checks the design and checks the site. In the end, a TIS gives an approval of the complete built object and an explanation how this approval was established.

BouwQ is active in this branch since 2003. – Since then we gained a lot of experience with this type of work.

Leading civil projects are: Second Coentunnel Amsterdam, Railwaybridges Den Bosch and aqueduct / large bridges in highway Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere.

Leading (non-residential) building-projects are: European Patent Office and Council Deventer.

Our ambition is to get the highest level of build quality by doing our risk-driven checks. To realise this ambition, we have five core values:

Expertise and experience: we have a highly educated staff and for specialised knowledge, we co-operate with well-known institutes in the Netherlands: TNO, Deltares and SGS-Intron.
Completeness: we recommend to consider all aspects of an object from the beginning to realisation. Not only checking the object, but also check what’s the influence of the environment.
Clearness: not only signalling a problem, but also explain loud and clearly the backgrounds of this problem.
Independent: we don’t advise, we only check. So we never perform any engineerings job for companies, like building contractors, engineers, insurance companies or lenders. We only check.
Measurable performance: our portfolio with many leading projects confirms that we perform very well in our business.


Science Park Eindhoven 5228
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The Netherlands

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Science Park Eindhoven 5228
5692 EG Son
The Netherlands

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Netherlands (VBWTN)
Vereniging Bouw- en Woningtoezicht Nederland – VBWTN

The Institute is composed of public municipal servants who are, as managers or specialists, active in matters of Housing, Public Works, Environment, Planning and Building Control. The principal activity of the Building Control Section (mostly graduate engineers) is in ther preparation of Dutch and European building standards and regulations.


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Phone: +31 318 438 340

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