Republic of Lithuania

State territorial planning and construction inspectorate
State territorial planning and construction inspectorate, created in 1997, is the state supervision of
territorial planning and construction institution, which mission is to ensure legitimate, sustainable and
safe territorial planning and construction processes in the Republic of Lithuania.

The main functions of the State territorial planning and construction inspectorate are:

  • To supervise if certified construction and territorial planning sector professionals (heads of
    construction, technical supervisors of the construction works, contractors, expert examination
    contractors, organizers of territorial planning processes) comply with their duties which are
    defined in legal regulation;
  • To inspect construction works (legality, compliance to project documentation, safety) during
    the process of construction;
  • To issue construction completion acts (in use permits) for special buildings;
  • To prevent unauthorized construction and to organise elimination of its consequences;
  • To control whether building permits are issued legally by the municipalities;
  • To investigate complaints and to protect public interest in areas of construction and territorial
  • To maintain and develop state territorial planning, building permit and construction
    supervision information systems and registers of Republic of Lithuania;
  • To provide consultations to business entities and inhabitants on questions regarding
    territorial planning and construction.



State territorial planning and construction inspectorate
A. Vienuolio str. 8, LT-01104 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania

Phone: +370 5 272 2748
Fax: +370 5 272 3620