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The Realisation of the National Outline Plan no. 35 for Construction and Development (until 2020)-
– Fully and flexibly provide for the varied demands.
– Narrow the gaps between groups and regions: cultural diversity and instrumental collaboration.
– Strengthen cities and discourage suburban sprawl.
– Preserve open space, agriculture, rural landscapes and cultural heritage
– Accelerate development of public Transport
– Attend to neighbouring populations and areas.
– Sustainably utilise environmental resources
– Establish a clear and recognisable Spatial Structure:
*Emphasis on Jerusalem, the Negev and the Galilee.
*Four metropolitan regions.
*The National Green Spine and Green Buffers.

The implementation of the National Reform in Planning and Building (amendment no. 103 to the Planning and Building Law)–

1.Achieving Efficiency- Reducing the regulatory burden and reducing bureaucracy-
Streamlining, simplifying and improving service to the public by:
– Shortening licensing process and distributing building application and construction compliance to the tracks of permissions;
– Ensuring availability, accessibility and transparency of Planning and Building information for any application via the Internet;
– Computing and optimising processes.

2.Improving Quality-
Improving the quality of construction in order to ensure public safety in the built domain/places by:
– Developing and Maintaining the Portal “Gate for Information”
– Introducing the Building Control profession;
– Establishing Building Control Bodies;
– Representing the Building Regulations and Code.



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