France – COPREC Construction
Representative: Laurent Peinaud  

COPREC is a non-profit company, composed of private companies (35 VSEs to large) representing 98% of the whole third party TIC activities in France (more than 35,000 direct jobs in France) and also internationally (120,000 international jobs).

The aim of COPREC is to promote and contribute to improving safety and sustainability and to promote modern TIC systems, which are efficient and business friendly at the same time.

Its main strategic activities:
-Harmonization of technical opinions
-Partner of public authorities as expert and field observatory
-Partner of professional organizations to encourage synergies

COPREC organization comprises 6 delegations:

– COPREC Construction
– COPREC Fire safety (Construction and in use)
– COPREC Installations (In use)
– COPREC Certification
– COPREC Environment
– COPREC Automotive

COPREC construction is part of COPREC, and focused on building sector.

Members of COPREC Construction represent 15000 civil and structural engineers and 25 members.
About 70 part-time technical experts are involved in studies (technical and strategic) for COPREC Construction every year.

COPREC Construction is involved in different organisations:
– French ministry and administration (housing, sustainable development, economy,..)
– High council for building (CSCEE)
– Council for “Contrôle technique construction” agreement
– National policy for digital transition
– National policy for innovation for asbestos mitigation of risk
– National policy for quality and energy efficiency in building sector
– Member of the board of the French Quality in Construction agency

Confédération des Organismes indépendants tierce partie de Prévention, de Contrôle et d’Inspection.
COPREC Secretary general : François Grémy
Phone: +33 (0)1 71 93 22 24
Email :
Adresse :

10, rue du Débarcadère
75852 Paris Cedex 17