Technical Regulatory Authority – TRA

Starting with the year 2008, the tasks of Estonian National Communications Board, Estonian Railway Inspectorate and Estonian Technical Inspectorate are being fulfilled by the newly created Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority (TSA). The new authority conducts national safety surveillance, market regulation and development in a variety of fields.

Technical Regulatory Authority has a key role in building and construction products (market)surveillance.

In accordance with the Building Act, the tasks of the Technical Regulary Authority’s Building and electricity department include:

1) verification of conformity to established requirements of building design documentation and of as-built drawings of construction works and performance or commissioning of expert assessments;

2) verification of conformity of construction works or parts thereof to established requirements and performance or commissioning of expert assessments;

3) verification of the existence of building permits and the accuracy of the information stated in the building permits;

4) verification of the existence of occupancy and use permits and the accuracy of information stated in such permits;

5) verification of conformity of building work and building design documentation to established requirements, to the detailed spatial plan and design specifications and inspection of the maintenance and use of the construction work based on considerations of safety and purpose of use of the construction work;

6) supervision over construction works which are being built in public water bodies and which do not have a permanent connection to the shore;

7) scrutiny of compliance with the Building Act in respect of the conformity of construction products to established requirements;

8) scrutiny of documents issued in respect of the issuance of energy performance certificates in respect of buildings and the conduct of energy audits of buildings;

9) supervision over the compliance of undertakings with established requirements;

10) checking the registration of heating and cooling equipment.


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