The Officers of CEBC are:

The President
The Vice-President
Representatives of Members elected to the Policy Committee.
The Policy Committee consists of the President and Vice-President together with up to five representatives of Members elected to the Policy Committee by the General Assembly every three years.

The Secretary General acts in a paid administrator role and provides support to officers and members on all aspects of CEBC business.
The Secretary General is Martin Russell-Croucher. Email:

The officiers elected are:

President : Laurent Peinaud (COPREC – France)
Vice President : Paul Everall (LABC -UK)
Treasurer : Diane Marshall (NHBC- UK)
Kevin Dawson (CIOB -UK)
Kouros Kyriacos (Ministry of Interior – Cyprus)
Rainer Mikulits (OIB Austrian Institute of construction engineering – Austria)
Yves Pianet (SECO – Belgium)