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June 2013:
Minutes of the CEBC meeting in London from Saturday, 11th May to Tuesday, 14th May 2013 are now available for download.
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CEBC meeting in London E-mail

The 2013 spring CEBC business meeting took place from Saturday 10th to Tuesday 14th May 2013, at the Bloomsbury Hotel, London. More than 40 delegates participated. Fire Safety and Building Control in England were among the main topics.
The workshop on Monday delt with "How do we measure the performance of building control". 

Value of Building Control E-mail
Building Control Report October 2012 Issue 1:
bcr4The Consortium of European Building Control (CEBC) provides a forum where those responsible for the content of Building Regulations in European countries, together with those who carry out technical assessments and try to ensure compliance, can meet and exchange views on matters of mutual interest. It generally holds two meetings each year to which all members are invited. A main topic of the CEBC meeting in Paris October 2011 was "The Value of Building Control". The report is the result of workshop discussions and subsequent general debate.
Access for All in Europe E-mail
Building Control Report Dec 2007 Issue 1:
bcr1The purpose of this study is to provide information about access to the built environment, particularly disabled access, in Europe. This information should be of benefit to architects, surveyors, developers, builders and contractors, who no longer work only in national markets, but in the common market for services, construction and construction products, as cross-border activities invariably increase.
Study into Self Confirmation in Building Control in Europe E-mail
Building Control Report May 2010 Issue 1:
bcr3The purpose of this study is to provide information on self confirmation (self certification) within the building control systems of Europe. The information may be of particular use to architects, developers and contractors who work across national boundaries.
Building control Systems in Europe E-mail
Building Control Report June 2006 Issue 2:
bcr2The purpose of the study is to provide information about building control systems in Europe. This information may be required by architects, developers and contractors, no longer working in national markets, but in the common market for services and for construction products, in which cross border activities will increase.
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